Greg Funnell

Greg Funnell

Greg has been involved in sport from a young age. He first started his interest in health and fitness playing in-line hockey on a national and international level. 

On his travels to Australia and New Zealand he discovered Triathlon and was fascinated by the limits the human body is able to be explored, which explains his recent interests in endurance running. 

Greg works with several sporting clubs & their coaching staff with the rehabilitation of injuries & improve sporting performance. He qualified with the North London School of Sports Massage gaining a Level 4 Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy & went on to study & qualify in ultrasound therapy, Dry needling, Kinesiology & Spinal manipulation. 

Throughout my experiences working with patients in clinic, I have learnt that our mind and body are as one and if we are at some level unsettled within the mind this can present as pain / injury within our body. I like to offer a safe and clear space with a non-judgmental approach to help offer patients the time needed to work though their pain / injury. 


I have chosen the subject of body works due to the passion I have of sports, helping people, with the keen interest of the human body and mind.

I would like to thank my family & friends for all the support that has been given to me to allow me to practice what I truly enjoy. I would also like to thank my tutors for passing on valuable knowledge & information allowing me to help understand & treat conditions to a greater level.