Amy Law-Smith

Amy Law-Smith

Amy is an Integrative Counsellor offering Individual and Couples counselling in Eastbourne. In her work with people she explores and brings into awareness patterns and beliefs that maybe blocking an individual’s truest expression. By developing a deepening acceptance and understanding of feelings, thoughts and behaviours; and acknowledging the associated expression within the body, the process of self-re-discovery begins to unfold. It is this process of discovery that Amy facilitates in her sessions, allowing people to re-discovery a place of acceptance, authenticity, and empowerment within themselves; to create lasting change and healing in their lives.

Grounded in the belief that everyone has the capacity for growth and change, Amy's integrative training allows her to work with different models of therapy and tailor sessions, to ensure that the experience of therapy is one that works and meets people's individual needs. Amy offers a space that is warm, welcoming and safe where feelings and thoughts can be expressed without judgement, working always to build trust and deepen understanding of people's worlds so that she can hold and support them on their journey, wherever it may take them. If you would like to explore working with Amy or to book a session, please feel free to contact her:


Phone - 07971380547