Local Clubs

Eastbourne Rovers

Eastbourne Rovers welcomes runners and athletes of all levels and experience from 9 years upwards.

The club competes in track & field/cross country throughout the year and also has a very active Road Running section.

Training is from 5:30 to &:30 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

For further details check our website at www.eastbourneroversac.co.uk

Run Wednesdays

On a cold February evening in 2006 I was about to set out the door to venture on my first speed session in preparation for my first ever marathon.....London. I asked a couple of friends if they would like to join in and off we set....all four of us to do 4 x 1 mile reps at a certain pace. We loved it and it carried on each week leading up to the big day.

About a week after the race we decided to carry on...every Wednesday at 6.30pm and slowly it grew and grew. The name just seemed to happen as we always ran on a Wednesday and with a slight change of time (now7pm) we have continued every week since. 

We now have a web page and FaceBook pages to accommodate the several groups we cater for. Along with the main running club we also have a children's and ladies groups (Little RunWednesdays & Female RunWednesdays) with 2 social gatherings on a Sunday mornings for our longer runs.

We continue to grow in numbers and reputation and pride ourselves on being a friendly and welcoming club which seems to be spreading to other clubs in the area. 

From that cold February evening how things have changed in our first ten years.

Crawley Athletic Club

Crawley Athletic Club has over 380 members representing all age groups from 10 years and upwards. The club was formed in 1957 (more details) and is based at Crawley's K2 Leisure Centre, Pease Pottage Hill, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 9BQ. As a voluntary organisation the Club needs helpers who provide coaching and other roles.

Aims of the Club.

The club shall be a non-profit making body with the objects of promoting and encouraging amateur athletics and social fellowship among its members based on the Olympic motto:-

"The important thing is not in winning but in taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but in fighting well".

These aims are set out in the Club Constitution along with the rules defining how the Club is to be run.

The club provides coaching and competition for all our athletes - regardless of their ability. It caters for

Track and Field Athletics, Road Running, Cross Country and Joggers & Fun Runners

Web site: http://www.crawleyac.org.uk

Tempo Shop

Tempo is a specialist running shop started by Wes Mechen and Faye McClelland.

Tempo running shop aim is to improve the running experience of runners of all abilities by providing customers with the opportunity to have their technique analysed, Gait assessed and to test out running shoes on the in-store treadmill.

We carefully select shoes based on testing, reviews and personal experience.

Tempo provides shoes, clothing, nutrition and accessories from leading expert run brands. Staff can provide advice and guidance on training along with hand-outs/ information that can be taken away with any purchase for free of charge.

Website: www.temposhop.co.uk

Twitter: @temposhopuk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Temposhopuk

Team Bodyworks XTC

Team Bodyworks XTC is a local Triathlon club based at the University of Brighton in Eastbourne. The club offers athletes of all ages and abilities the opportunity to maximise their athletic potential through structured and organised appropriate training with sessions available for both juniors and adults from novice amateurs to world class professionals.

Website: www.teambodyworksxtc.com


trainSharp are a Sussex based cycle coaching company managed by the strongest and most able team around. 'Sean Yates and Jon Sharples'. trainSharp deliver world class cycle coaching plans for the novice or elite cyclist along with bike fitting and fitness testing services.

Jon Sharples is the founder and managing director of trainSharp. Sean is better know for his exploits in the Tour de France as a yellow jersey holder and Director Sportive to Bradley Wiggins and Alberto Contador.

Website: www.trainsharpcyclecoaching.co.uk

Hailsham Harriers

Hailsham Harriers was one of a number of clubs set up in the eighties as a result of the road running boom at the time. While many others have fallen by the wayside, Hailsham have gone from strength to strength and next year celebrate their 25th anniversary! These days they are one of the strongest clubs in the county competitions with talented individuals always among the prizes.

The club started in 1983 when a group of social workers from the Lansdowne Children’s Centre, eager to get fit for the local "fun run" formed Lansdowne Striders. The following year a public meeting brought about a merger with the already existing Hailsham AC to form Hailsham Harriers in 1984 and the club quickly moved into the mainstream of Sussex road running. From meagre beginnings the Hailsham club has now won the Sussex Grand Prix Road Running title seven times. More times than any other club in the county.

There is a strong social feel to the Hailsham club. They make an annual trip to take runners to compete in the London Marathon and have made many trips not only to Wales and various areas of England but have taken groups to compete abroad in Berlin, Boston, Dublin, Paris, Honolulu, New York and Club La Santa.

Main website: www.hailsham-harriers.org.uk

Hellingly 10k - annual club race www.hellingly10k.co.uk

The Tri Store

The Tri Store opened in 2003 to serve triathletes, runners and cyclists with the best products, expert advice and great customer service. We’re still doing that to this day and are one of the leading triathlon, cycling and running shops in the UK. Open from 9AM to 6PM Monday to Saturday or check our website for details of the store and the products we stock.

Website: www.thetristore.com


Velopace is a cycling events company, created by 3 people linked by their passion for all things cycling. Whether it's racing, time trialling, sportive riding, off road stuff, coaching kids or organising the Eastbourne Cycling Festival, we channel our combined knowledge, experience and energy into everything we put our name to.

We have a vast experience of road racing, road sportive, MTB sportive, cyclo-cross and continental cycling tours. Our aim is to create local cycling events of the kind we would want to do ourselves, show off the roads and bridleways of East Sussex & its surroundings, and generally share our enthusiasm and love of cycling. As cyclists ourselves, our aim is to provide a unique experience at every event and to treat each Velopace rider as we would like to be treated - as an individual.

Established in late 2013, our events already include The Spring Classic Sportive, The Warrior Sportive, The Big Dipper Sportive and Little Dipper Sportive, as well as overall management of the Eastbourne Cycling Festival.

Website www.velopace.com or find us on facebook & twitter

Heathfield Road Runners

Heathfield Road Runners is a small club that places high priority on supporting and encouraging all members to get the most from their running. Established in 1986, the club has continued to balance both the competitive and social needs of the members, and importantly, we never forget what it was like to start running and then to consider joining a 'running' club.

We meet and train 'officially' twice a week on Monday and Thursday evenings. On Wednesdays there is typically a session for those looking to develop their running ability further, with a twice-monthly track session as Eastbourne which alternates with a local hill session. During the summer we make use of the beautiful country lanes and during the winter we run on street-lit roads of the town. Full details are on the club website's training page.

The club has a number of qualified leaders and 2 qualified running coaches. We compete on the road in the Sussex Grand Prix throughout the year and Cross Country in the East Sussex Sunday League. We also usually enter 2 teams in the 100-mile South Downs Way Relay in June as well as other events both on and off-road.

The best way to discover what the club is like is to just come along and run a few miles with us; you'll be warmly welcomed, whatever your standard and running experience.

Website www.heathfieldroadrunners.com or find us on facebook & twitter